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HOMEWORK: 2013 -14



Dear Parent/Guardian


During the coming school year we will be reviewing out policy on homework. We will be consulting with parents through the Parent Association as part of the review. In the meantime we wish to draw your attention to important aspects of the homework policy.



  • Homework will be written daily in the pupil’s journal.

The journal  must be signed by a parent.


  • A record will be kept of both written and non-written homework for discussion with parents at PT meetings.


  • Non-written homework is of equal importance to written work and should never be neglected.



N.B. Parents may sign homework and stop the pupil from continuing provided they are satisfied the correct amount of time has been spent on homework. 


Parents are advised to discuss the correct use of time with children so that distractions do no occur. 


Parents should help and guide children and point out obvious mistakes but should not do the actual homework.



Children are expected to spend the time outlined in the table above on homework each evening.


If children complete the work set by teachers in a shorter time they should spend the remaining time reading, revising material previously covered or working on projects.




Daily Written Daily Non-written
Junior Infants Occasional Reading with your child
Senior Infants 10 minutes 10 minutes
First Class 15 minutes 15 minutes
Second Class 20 minutes 20 minutes
Third Class 25 minutes 25 minutes
Fourth Class 30 minutes 30 minutes
Fifth Class 35 minutes 35 minutes
Sixth Class 40 minutes 40 minutes


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